#8: Escaping the Laowai Bubble

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This week, we’re looking at escaping the expat bubble. We hear the stories of people who have tried hard to integrate and make Chinese friends, the challenges they’ve faced, and the rewards they’ve worked hard to achieve.

Episode producer: Alison Fung
Music credits: Lemoncreme, “Floating Synth Melody at 130 BPM C major loop music”;  dvideoguy, “Folk Guitar Music Track”; Strangereight, “Ambient Acoustic”; Keffystay, “Guitar Strumming/Picking with Reverb” and “Plucked Guitar Chorus“, Bandcamp link
Theme song: 4barrelcarb, “Ambient Strings and Synth Mix

These works, licensed under the Creative Commons (CC BY 3.0), were changed from their original form and used in this podcast.
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (CC BY 3.0).

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LivAway Cultural Exchange
LivAwayers are a batch of warm-hearted local Chinese and Expats with an international background.
We organize intercultural exchange events on a weekly basis. By working on a specific task shoulder to shoulder, we would like to build real friendships and connections between expats and locals.

This week, Toni also joins Jed and Marshall on the Millennial Nostalgia Berries Podcast to discuss Mulan and other Disney films.
Millennial Nostalgia Berries Podcast is another Shanghai-based podcast, created, produced, and hosted by expats. It is a podcast about American popular culture from the 80s, 90s and early 00s.
Check it out here.


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