Season 1

Identity and relationships are the central themes in our stories in this first season. We interviewed a whole range of people, from laowai who’d just got off the plane, to locals whose families have been in Shanghai for generations, and compiled their personal stories into each episode.

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  1. What the Heck is a Laowai?
    Experiences of learning what it means to be laowai, being labeled as laowai, and more.
  2. Perks of Being a Laowai
    What are the benefits to being a laowai in China, and who gets access to those advantages?
  3. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place
    Stories about dating in Shanghai, particularly about the race and gender dynamics of dating.
  4. Chinese Face in a Chinese Place
    What’s it like to look Chinese but not be fully Chinese and live in China? Listen to the experiences of laowai of Chinese descent, half-Asian people, TCK, and more.
  5. Evolution of a Laowai
    We talk to laowai who have been here for different lengths of time to see how the experience of being a laowai changes the longer you stay in China.
  6. Body Image in China
    How is the experience of being foreign-looking or having a foreign-sized body in China, and how does that impact someone’s experience?
  7. The Laowai Bubble
    It’s possible to live in Shanghai and not come in contact at all with “real China” – this episode is about exploring what that means and how that is even possible.
  8. Escaping the Laowai Bubble
    How easy is it to integrate into Chinese society? We share the experiences of foreigners who have tried to immerse themselves in the Middle Kingdom, with various levels of success.
  9. The Revolving Door
    How does the temporary nature of expat stays influence your social life? Is it easy to make friends here? To keep friends?