Looking for Laowai x Ladyfest Shanghai Call for Submissions

We’re collaborating with Ladyfest Shanghai on our sixth episode, Foreign Bodies in China, and we’re looking for your stories! Email us at lookingforlaowai@gmail.com with your story in written format or in a voice recording to be featured on the episode.

LFL @ Shanghai Soup x Ladyfest Shanghai Community Funding Event

Thanks so much to everyone who came on Sunday, October 22 to the Shanghai Soup x Ladyfest Shanghai community funding event to support us!
A massive congratulations to Feminist Joy (我们与平权) for her well-deserved win – you should all check her out on WeChat: stories_of_hers and her Weibo! We’re really happy she won and hope we can collaborate with her in the future.
We’re also totally thrilled to have come second place and grateful for the runner-up prize from Ladyfest Shanghai!
If you haven’t already listened to the podcast, please check out the first two episodes and continue to spread the word!
Thanks again!